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Question: Is this training made to lose weight or to build muscle?
Answer: With the Growing Training you can achieve both. Thanks to the growth hormone released during the training, both the breakdown of fat and the build-up of muscle tissue is activated. If you exercise to build muscles of course you cannot become Arnold Schwarzenegger by only doing this training, but it is a great supplement to your regular routine. Thus, with the addition of the Growing Training, you could build muscle mass faster and your muscles will be more prominent. If you just want to lose weight, through the Growing Training you will get a double effect - you will not only look slimmer but also fitter. What is more, since the increased muscle tone will boost metabolism in the long run, you will lose weight both during the training and after it.

Question: What will I learn from this training?
Answer: Apart from detailed instructions for the Growing Training, you will get advice on the food you should and shouldn't eat after the training in order to get the maximum effect from it. You will also have the opportunity to receive free consultations regarding any difficulties you might encounter while training for a period of 14 days after purchasing the program. This way you will be able to get a personal response to all your questions.

Question: Is this training more suitable for men or for women?
Answer: The Growing Training is universal and its positive effects are demonstrated by both sexes. In addition, ladies do not need to fear they would become "too muscular" because the Growing Training is not a power training and it relies on the activation of the natural potential of the body. Thus men get stronger and women more beautiful.

Question: What if I am too old, too overweight or completely out of shape?
Answer: The nature of the Growing Training is such that it allows gradual increase in the intensity of the workout. You can train as hard as your strengths allow you and to make progress at your own pace. Growing Training is one of the most natural workouts for humans and it can be practiced by everyone, regardless of their age or physical fitness.

Question: What if I am only 16 and want to get in shape, is this training suitable for me?
Answer: The younger the organism, the faster it reacts to Growing Training. The natural stimulation of the growth hormone strengthens the muscle and skeletal system of the young. You could even observe a quite visible effect on your height. That is why, this training is highly recommended even for young boys and girls.

Question: Should I visit a gym or do I need any equipment to perform the training?
Answer: You do not need any additional fitness equipment in order to practice the Growing Training. Together with the training you will receive a musical file which will guide you through its various phases. You can easily perform the training at home or wherever you like by playing the music on a portable MP3 player or even on your phone.

Question: Do I need to buy any food supplements or diet pills together with the program?
Answer: Growing Training relies solely on activation of your own body's internal resources. Any type of "magic pills" are actually money thrown away. Nothing can replace exercise and proper nutrition. All that we need in order to transform our own body is already given to us by millions of years of evolution. We just have to learn how to use it.

Question: How long and how often should I exercise?
Answer: Growing Training is one of the most effective workouts in which we get maximum effect with minimum effort. The training should be done 2-3 times per week for 20 minutes. I do not imagine that there is a person who could not spare that much time for his health.

Question: How can I buy the training and how will I receive it?
Answer: Purchasing the Growing Training, as well as any other products on the website, is done through the online payment processor PayPal. For that you can pay directly by a credit or debit card, or through a PayPal account. The whole training program consists of electronic files in PDF or MP3 format, which you can download from the website as soon as we confirm your payment.

If you have any other questions, you can contact us though the website Contacts form.  

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