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Are you tired of long exhausting workouts with expensive fitness equipment?

Are you tired of painful diets?

Is there some alternative way to lose weight and stay in great shape that takes less time and does not involve taking some "miracle" pills which mess up with your metabolism, and that can be done anywhere at any time, counting only on your own body potential?

Is it possible a training routine done 2-3 times per week for only 20 minutes to be more effective than running for tens of miles or spending hours in the gym?


Growing Training (GT)

Growing Training is a special training through which you will be able to transform your body by simultaneously losing the excess fat and increasing your muscle mass. This is achieved thanks to the unique ability of the Growing Training to stimulate the synthesis of the Human growth hormone (HGH).  


Human growth hormone

Human growth hormone (HGH) is produced by the pituitary gland located in our brain. Often HGH is called the hormone of health and longevity and this is no accident. Here are just some of its effects:   

  • stimulate the immune system

  • break down of body fat

  • lean muscle mass, tone and strength increase

  • smooth the wrinkles and promote a healthy skin

  • improve mental abilities

  • optimize energy balance

  • normalize blood pressure

  • prevent osteoporosis

  • heal wounds faster

  • improve lipoprotein balance in the blood

  • better sex life

  • better sleep

  • combat chronic disease

Instead of taking hormonal products in the form of pills or injections, there is a much safer and indefinitely cheaper way to supply this hormone ourselves by making our own body to produce it. This is namely one of the goals of the Growing Training.  


A training led by music

Every workout takes some motivation and adherence to a certain regular routine. Is there an easier and more pleasant way to keep track of the time during a workout than listening to music? The Growing Training is performed to a carefully selected and timed musical composition. This music will both lead you during the different phases of the training and act as an additional motivating factor so that your workout will never be boring.  


Training at home

The Growing Training is designed to be performed at your home. You can practice everywhere without needing any fitness equipment.


For whom is this workout?

The Growing Training is designed for:

  • all who want to improve their overall health;

  • all who want to drop extra pounds and improve muscle tone;

  • all who are actively involved in sports, but wants to improve their results and speed up the effect of their other workouts;

  • all who want to make something good for themselves and who value their time and money.  

Regardless of gender, age and physical fitness, the Growing Training will boost your energy and confidence by activating your inner potential.



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